About TTP

I’ll preface by saying that in a job where I don’t get the chance to write everyday, and with grad school finally wrapping up, I’ve had a major itch to do something more. This is the aftermath of that itch. There was not much at all that went into getting to this point other than just deciding to go for it.

My focus has been finding a way to make this platform unique and powerful – content that will hopefully drive the branding. With that said, I have some AMAZING stories on tap that will be released over the next few weeks. I don’t ask much of the people I interview other than to set aside time for the interview and, once their story is ready, to share it themselves.

If something resonates with you, whether you know the person or not, share it; like it; comment on it; retweet it. The more people these messages can reach and ultimately touch, the better Tie The Plot can live up to its mission.

This was one of those deals where I was laying in bed, wide-awake, and by the time 3 a.m. rolled around, I had my entire life planned out for the next 10 years. Okay, not quite, but you get the point. Some people have their most reflective moments in the car or in the shower or over coffee; mine are when I’m supposed to be sleeping.

So here we are. An idea from some time ago I’ve decided to run with. And for no reason other than wanting to do something more with a passion of mine – writing. Over the last few years, in the midst of finding my footing in the professional world, I’ve realized what the meaning of “it takes a village” is in the purest, realest way.

It means there are people you hear and know about, and others you likely don’t have the slightest hunch on the impact they have on the people around them. There are a ton of people who, deservingly so, are recognized for their work and everyone knows who they are. But on the flip side, the rest often slip through the cracks of a demanding, competitive and distracted world.

Part 1, there you have it: sharing stories not being told. Sharing what you don’t hear about everyday and what most probably do not know. Part 2 is where the purpose of this platform comes together. Part 2 is searching for what unravels and unties people – but even more importantly – what tied/ties them back together. We all go through experiences, both good and bad, that define us.

I’m not one to believe these experiences are better left unsaid. These experiences are exactly what break us and make us. This is storytelling that takes you ‘behind the seen’ where vulnerability and open-mindedness allows. To tie the knot means to unite and make official. To tie the plot means to make your story real – to show people what makes your knot.