Nine Lessons In Nine Months

9. Sometimes you have to ask the dumb question
Am I the only person in the world to give this advice? Probably. I’ve been surprised at how powerful vulnerability is. Sometimes we simply just don’t know an answer, what to do or how to approach a situation. Ask!
8. You’re not always going to know what to do.
And it’s really okay. I’ll be the first to admit that not knowing is scary and intimidating at times, but that’s when we just put our heads down and figure it out. If we knew everything, we’d be bored.
7. Don’t take life too seriously.
Our jobs and careers are important. Other people rely on us and that’s also important. But if you stop having fun with it, be done with it.
6. Active listening is a game changer.
Is there a time and a place to speak up? For sure. But I think listening is a lost art at times. Every meeting, call, and interaction you have is a chance to learn something.
5. Be a team player
Ask yourself honestly: would you want to work with you? If you’re not sure, what can you do better? Nobody wants to be around someone who is unwilling to collaborate or take constructive criticism. Don’t be that person.
4. There is no job too small.
For all I care, if someone asks you to make them a cup of coffee, it should be the best dang cup of coffee you’ve ever made.
3. Never stop learning.
Podcasts? Books? You don’t have to clock out at 5 pm every day. Some of us work in an industry that is always changing. Don’t fall behind!
2. Getting started is the hardest part.
How many of us feel stuck before starting a new project, sending an important email, or making a phone call? Once you make the leap, don’t turn back.
1. Grow where you’re planted.
Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a perfect roadmap and checklist to follow to our next job, promotion or big break? Chances are, where we are right now, isn’t where we expected to be. There is tremendous value in that but is immediately lost if we get too ahead of ourselves. Believe in the journey of right now.

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