More Than a Game

You accept a job, move away from home and what do you get? A new state, a new apartment, new people, new surroundings and new responsibilities. But in the midst of a fresh start, one thing remains constant: relationships.

Not just any relationships, however.

I’m talking about the ones you’d REALLY have to mess up for them not to be there. The ones that don’t always require constant attention, yet you know nothing has changed for better or for worse. The ones that make you feel lucky enough to be on the other end. The ones that exist and never diminish because of the experiences you’ve shared together.

My Drake family, yes, I’m talking about you.

Although my time as a college athlete is complete, those relationships are with me everywhere I go. I was going through some student-athlete questionnaires just the other day and one of the questions was ‘what is the greatest gift you’ve ever received?’ Answer: my team. In two words, that player had goosebumps up and down my spine.

Too many 20-somethings dread life after college when we have our whole lives ahead of us. To me, there is no reason to dread it because of the people rallying behind me, because of the people who have provided me so much more than a ball, a hoop and someone to pass to.

I’ve realized that a chapter embedded with genuine relationships never truly closes. It’s impossible to close, actually. The intangibles live on and so too do the memories and inside jokes. The only thing that really changes is me not putting on a uniform. At first it was bittersweet, but I can handle that.

Five years came and went way too fast, I laced up one final time, but I walked away with lifelong relationships. Tell me life from here on out doesn’t get much better.


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